Migrating From Blogger to GitHub

Almost 8 years ago in September 2005, I signed up for a new account on Blogger. After giving my blog the much original name “Gaveen’s Blog”, I officially became a blogger on gaveen.blogspot.com. I was very proud of it. Since then it was my primary blog, seeing varying degrees of (ab)use. It went through several face-lifts overtime and saw several eras of my life, both personally and technologically.

By the time I did the last significant update in February, I had already changed the blog title to “SkyEye” and had switched to the custom domain gaveen.owain.org a few years ago. Since 2005, I had also started blogging about non-technical topics on other places. Today, I’m announcing that I’m merging all of my blogging activities to this one place, SkyEyehttp://gaveen.prabhasara.com. I’m retiring all of my other blogs, and migration of significant posts (with comments) from those to here has already started.

As for the stay on Blogger, I enjoyed it, specially the perks like virtually 0% downtime. But customizing the look and feel on Blogger beyond the given options still remains a pain. Also Google hasn’t updated Blogger in a few years. It seems unlikely they’d shut it down like Reader, but in any case I needed more flexibility and simplicity.

So, I picked an Octopress (Jekyll) based setup hosted on GitHub. I can write posts using “Markdown” formatting with my favorite editor. Then I can generate static HTML pages from them and push to GitHub, all from command line. Comments are handled by ‘Disqus’ service.

TL;DR version:

I am moving all my blogging activity to one place; this one. While doing so, I’m moving away from Blogger platform in favor of a Jekyll-based (Octopress) site hosted on GitHub.